Tribe Hotels

A new era of modern, luxurious accomodation

As every one dashed down south over the long weekend, we packed up and made our way to the heart of Perth for a stay-cation at Tribe, the latest addition to the Perth hotel scene.

Here we learnt that the mundane hotel experience is well and truly a thing of the past, and in its place stands a luxurious world of functionality and minimalism, where design is king. 

From the minute you walk through the door, it's clear that so much thought has been poured into every corner of this contemporary masterpiece.

The genius of architect Idle Architecture Studio combined with interior styling by the renowned Travis Walton gives rise to a modern art deco haven, complete with luxurious italian imported decor to accent the already ridiculously grammable space. 

And while it's easy to get lost in the sheer beauty of Tribe, it's functionality is what will have you making any excuse to stay again.

The open plan living and dining spaces make for the perfect social hub, and double as a cafe by day, bar by night, open to both the public and hotel guests. 

If you're not feeling social, not to worry, the living spaces are partitioned by larger than life book shelves, adorned with perfectly styled book stacks.

But thankfully these aren't just decoration, guests are encouraged to dive into the coveted collection of coffee books, travel guides and photo journals.

Thats right, this is a hotel library with books you'll actually want to read.  

And if you prefer your pages digitally, while you stay with Tribe you receive a membership to a global collection of well known publications, including my personal vice... Vogue! 

Oh, and did I mention that both hotel guests and day visitors can connect to the easy to use, free, fast wifi? #winning


While I could spend all day in the breathtaking living spaces, the idea of a hotel is a bed to sleep in, and boy is it a comfy one!

The hotel rooms are quite small, but intentionally so, reflecting the hotel's motto of "everything you want and nothing you don't". After all, you don't travel to stay in your hotel room.

But if you do intend to camp out in your room, it is by no means uncomfortable. 

Forget the scratchy hotel robe, and wrap yourself in happiness with Tribe's hooded tracksuit robes as you indulge in your personal Nespresso and T2 station. 

The overpriced mini bar is replaced with a complimentary one ( filled with the basics, with guests encouraged to stock it up with things they actually like from the Kitchen's Grab 'N Go station. 

As a movie buff, I was blown away by the selection of free movies available. I'm talking, brand spanking new releases, award winners and all time favourites!

While there is no room service (just one of the many clever ways to keep prices down for guests) you can eat downstairs, or dine out easily as the hotel is a 7 minute Uber to Leederville, the CBD, Subiaco and a 5 minute walk to Kings Park. Hellooo lunching in activewear.

Breakfast comes in the form of the grazing buffet of my dreams, a la artisan baked goods, cheese, and healthy options so if you're anything like me it will 100% get you out of the ridiculously comfy bed in the morning. 

I've never before had the urge to take hotel shampoos and soaps home prior to my staying at Tribe.

After my stay I have a new found appreciation for the fine art of collecting hotel amenities because Tribe indulges it's guests in products by Australia's own hair master, Kevin Murphy.

That's right, Tribe is the first hotel IN THE WORLD to stock incredible Kevin Murphy products for your hair and body, and in case you don't know they smell like sunshine.

As a stylist, my favourite aspect of the Tribe Hotels experience comes down to the staff uniforms.

Each staff member is encouraged to pick symbols to reflect their personality which they wear instead of a name badge, along with a functional cool outfit complete with sneakers.

Why do I love this so much? Because it's so real!

The hotel staff are real people, with their own personalities, and during our time at Tribe we got to know the staff as friends, which adds something special to the hotel experience. 

It's also nice to know that the hotel staff arn't tottering around in uncomfortable pleather heels and an itchy uncomfortable uniform for no other reason than, its 2017.


Tribe is the much needed breath of fresh air in the hotel industry, and the perfect destination for everyone from the young travelling professional through to the older couple on stay-cation. 

The best part? Because of it's clever core focus of only paying for what you need, it is absolute luxury at an affordable price.

I for one will be back soon to stay, and cannot wait!