Victoria & Abdul

This one time, the Queen of England and a servant from India became BFF's. 

But it's not just a story, it's a chapter of the British Empire that was seemingly left out of our history lessons at school.  

Yes, I mean that the film Victoria and Abdul is based on true events that took place between 1807 and 1901; towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign. 

And that is precisely what makes it so epic, to think that in a time of unfathomable racism, someone as influential as the Queen of England made room in her heart and home for a humble Indian slave.

The film tells this tale of how Abdul came to meet Queen Victoria of England, and how they grew to love each other in a platonic, maternal way. 

Abdul rises through the ranks of the royal staff, unsettling the entire household and eventually becomming the Queen's personal 'Munshi', meaning spiritual teacher. 

While the household cannot understand why the Queen values her Munshi so greatly, we come to see that with her great power and 64 year reign, there comes a great loneliness and boredom of the self serving people she is surrounded by, unlike her Munshi. 

Dame Judi Dench delivers an incredible performance of a very complicated character, giving us an in depth understanding of Queen Victoria's many sides. 

Victoria and Abdul hits Australian cinemas on September 14 and has the perfect dose of history in a heartwarming tale. 

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Zoe Van Zanten