Girls Trip

Who needs it all when you have your girls!

The girl gang is back, or as their known in this side splitting comedy remeniscent to 'Bridesmaids', the 'Flossy Posse'

Girls trip is the ultimate reunion of four college friends who have gone their separate ways through life. However it doesn't take them long to remember how to have a good time together and why some friends are just as important as family.

The Flossy Posse is reunited when Ryan (Regina Hall), a self-help guru and entrepreneur is invited to speak at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and decides it's the perfect place for a reunion with her girls she hasn't seen in a year. Ryan is on her way to 'Oprah-level' fame along side her hunky ex NFL player husband as they attempt to 'have it all' in life, including the deal of a lifetime.  

What's meant to be a weekend of fun, laughter and celebrating Ryan's new successes and reconnecting with each other is stopped in its tracks when cracks are revealed, and the four ladies need each other now more than ever.

Girls Trip has seemingly typical female and male stereotypes, and a story line that's a tad predictable, but it still manages to entertain and bring forth a hilarious story of female empowerment, where despite their differences, the Flossy Posse are each other's ride or die bitches for life.. 

The film hits Australian cinemas on August 31

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Zoe Van Zanten